Flood Damage Repair in Grangerland, TX

We provide 24/7 flood damage repair services in Grangerland, TX.

At Predator Restoration, we'll conduct a free flood damage assessment as soon as possible. Whether you had storm damage or rain storm damage from a fallen tree, for example, we are familiar with these types of damages. Although we do not rent air movers, dehumidifiers, or any other restoration equipment, we do use industry-leading equipment to dry out your business or home in an efficient and speedy time frame. So, if you're looking for flood damage restoration or flood damage repair, look no further than Predator Restoration, one of the leading restoration companies in Houston, TX.

Is your home a victim of flood damage? Contact Predator Restoration at 281-343-3584 for immediate response.

IICRC Certified

Predator Restoration is a full-service restoration company that focuses on quickly restoring your home or business. We are recognized as a certified firm by the IICRC and our technicians are certified in both applied structural drying and water restoration. We realize this is a stressful time and our goal is to get you back on track, safely and as soon as possible. We will provide your insurance company with all of the necessary paperwork.

You never know when water damage could strike your home or business. All it takes is a backed up sink or toilet, a pipe leak or burst, a leaky appliance or an ice dam on the roof. No matter the cause, you need immediate water removal and structural drying to get your home or business back to normal.

Predator Restoration offers 24/7 emergency response for business or whole house drying. We use dehumidifiers and air moves with monitoring equipment and moisture metering to ensure a complete dry out.

  • Save Time Most structures can be completely dried out within three to four days.
  • Save Money Our technicians have experience of what the job will entail and can apply efficient practices immediately to ensure savings.
  • Minimize Replacement Costs The faster you act, the less likely you will have to replace expensive structural components.
  • Reduce Stress A problem that is quickly remedied is one that produces less stress.
Flood Damage Repair in Grangerland, TX

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What to do after finding water damage?

  • Check for Visible Structural Damage (warping, loosened or cracked foundation elements, cracks, and holes before entering the home).
  • Contact your utility companies if you suspect sewage damage as well as damage to water, gas, and electric.
  • Turn off all water and electrical sources within the home (Even if the power isn't working).
  • Fully document the damage for your insurer by taking photos or video.
    Note: Do this before you remove any water or make any repairs.
  • Wear hip- or waist-high waterproof boots and rubber gloves to remove water-damaged possessions and to avoid contaminants.
  • Throw out food that may have come into contact with flood waters and boil water until the water supply is declared safe.
  • Work with your insurer to determine the cause of the flood and the extent of your coverage. (Sometimes groundwater flood damage typically isn't covered by conventional homeowner’s insurance policies).
  • Let your insurance representative know of any repairs you plan to do immediately and follow their direction about whether or not to wait for an adjuster to inspect the property before making any repairs.
  • We recommend you hire our professionals to undertake the water removal process, once you get the all-clear from your insurer to remove the water.

How to file a water damage claim.

  • Contact your insurance company to notify them of what has occurred.
  • Make sure to document the damage before trying to salvage your belongings.
  • Inventory all items that have been damaged with as much detail as possible.
  • Mitigate the loss which will involve water extraction.