Houston and Surrounding Area Commercial Educational Facility Cleaning Services

Schools, from elementary to high school to college levels, need to be as clean as possible at all times since so many different people from the community congregate in those spaces. Often, a school's janitorial staff is unable to dedicate the amount of time necessary for a thorough cleaning or don't have the equipment required for certain tasks like floor polishing.

Why Choose Predator Restoration Commercial Educational Facility Cleaning?

That's when they contract with Predator Restoration Commercial Cleaning. We have the number of staff people and the professional equipment necessary for thorough, efficient cleaning of your school or university. Our service contracts include periodic floor polishing, bathroom deep-cleans, and other disinfectant applications. Maintaining a clean, sanitary environment is the responsiblity of the school, and employing an experienced team like Predator Restoration Commercial Cleaning will provide peace of mind and assurance of quality cleaning and janitorial services.

Healthy School Environments
Not only is Predator Restoration Commercial Cleaning experienced in janitorial services for schools, our owner is also well known in area school districts for consulting with school boards, principals, and maintenance teams about how school districts can best protect their students and staff from contagious diseases through using CDC- and EPA-recommended chemicals and application methods. We apply that same knowledge whenever we service an educational facility.

Commercial Cleaning

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Why Choose Predator Restoration Commercial Cleaning?

  • No Upcharge for After-Hours Appointments
  • Top-of-the-Line Technology, Techniques, Equipment
  • Urgent Need Calls or Regular Service Agreements Available
  • Low-Moisture Cleaning Methods Reduce Operational Downtime
  • Local Business, Privately Owned and Operated
  • Supervised Cleaning Crew, Decades of Cleaning Experience
  • Reliable, On-Time Service
  • Licensed, Bonded, Insured – Background Checks on All Employees