Concrete Sealant & Mitigation

Your Moisture Mitigation Solution – Predator Dry Complete Concrete Moisture Mitigation System

Save up to 90% compared to Epoxy Moisture Mitigation without the need to shot blast.*

Concrete sealant is a great solution for both new and existing concrete slabs. With Predator Dry penetrating sealant package, you get everything you need to properly seal and treat concrete and prevent moisture damage.

  • Fast Installation and quick dry times resilient waterproofing against damp penetration.
  • Comes with a mold or mildew antimicrobial solution which is a very important benefit to the healthcare industry.
  • No shot blasting to new concrete required saving you time and money.
  • Industry leading 20-year warranty against moisture related failures.
  • Strengthens concrete
  • Non-toxic and odor free
  • Significant savings over other moisture mitigation products in the market place.

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Predator Dry for New Concrete Slabs

In our line of work, we know that a quick turnaround due to tight deadlines on new construction projects, for instance, can easily lead to careless results. So, if concrete flooring is put in with no slab vapor barrier underneath, concrete moisture mitigation could become a serious issue. As a matter of fact, failing to get to the bottom of moisture infiltration would lead to several problems including:

  • Mold and mildew growing under non-permeable floor coverings
  • Metal items will rust if left on floor
  • Cardboard boxes will soak up water and become damp
  • Latex, acrylic, and water-based adhesives will emulsify

If you have seen your carpet beginning to roll, your floor tiles popping off, vinyl flooring curling at its seams or your concrete slab sweating in an environment with low humidity, you may have moisture vapor going through the concrete, which then breaks down the adhesive. 

For mold and mildew prevention, moisture must be inspected before flooring can be applied or fixed. That’s why our concrete contractors in Houston, Texas use Predator Dry Pro. It is a quick, easy-to-apply moisture mitigation product to be applied under floor coverings on new and existing slabs.

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What does the Predator Dry Pro System Concrete Sealing Package include?

Leave it to the Predator Dry products experts to have created a solid solution for concrete sealing of large commercial concrete slabs for all substrates. The Predator Dry Pro System’s penetrating sealant package has all that is necessary to seal concrete properly as well as prevent moisture damage. It covers a hospital grade floor sealant or a warehouse floor.

Because the Predator Dry Pro System has all tools and products needed to fully treat newly poured concrete substrates or seal existing concrete structures in your building, our commercial concrete contractors in Houston, TX are much more efficient on the job.

What does quick installation and dry time offer?

Predator Dry usually does not require surface preparation. Grinding or shot blasting the slab’s surface would only be done if there is an adhesive or sealing product on it. If the concrete has been hard troweled, it must be etched with the Etch-A-Crete in order for Predator Dry Pro to completely penetrate the concrete.

When the concrete is ready, Predator Dry Pro can be poured into a sprayer and applied to the concrete. If the amount sprayed on soaks in within 15 minutes, reapplication will be necessary.

Predator Dry Pro may bring up impurities, lime, and alkali to the concrete’s surface, which must be removed by mopping or with a wire brush.

Once the Predator Dry Pro has dried, the concrete slab is protected with a new, permanent waterproof barrier below the slab’s surface. How quickly Predator Dry Pro is applied and concrete ready for installation of your choice of floor covering can save days on the job.