Concrete Sealant in Pinehurst Texas

Concrete sealant is great solution for both new and existing concrete slabs and decorative concrete or paver pieces in Pinehurst Texas.

Our Predator Dry Complete Moisture Mitigation System properly seals and treats concrete to prevent moisture/water damage caused by freeze/thaw cycles, stains from dirt, deicing salts, oil and other contaminants. A sealer may not seem necessary, but a concrete and paver sealer is a lot like car-wax — many people go without and then regret when their paint peels.

  • Fast Installation and quick dry times resilient waterproofing against damp penetration.
  • Comes with a mold or mildew antimicrobial solution which is a very important benefit to the healthcare industry.
  • No shot blasting to new concrete required saving you time and money.
  • Industry leading 20 year warranty against moisture related failures.
  • Strengthens concrete
  • Non-toxic and odor free
  • Significant savings over other moisture mitigation products in the market place.

For concrete sealant in Pinehurst Texas, call Predator Restoration at 281-343-3584 to purchase our Complete Concrete Moisture Mitigation System.

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