Air And Moisture Testing in Oak Ridge North Texas

We provide air and moisture testing in Oak Ridge North Texas to determine the air quality in your home or business.

Keeping a safe indoor enviroment and a comfortable home comes down to balancing three key components: temperature, relative humidity and air flow. Excess moisture in the air in your home or business causes discomfort and can lead to serious air quality issues and structural damage. By doing a air and moisture testing we can pinpoint the source(s) of the moisture and provide you options to repair the problem. It is imperative you control humidity year-round and not just set it and leave it or view it as a summer-only concern.

The data recorded is tested to see how your air quality relates to ISO standards of air quality. This procedure is always done on-site to ensure test accuracy and once completed, our samples are sent off to a microbiologist lab for a detailed third-party report.

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