Water Damage Restoration

You never know when water damage could strike your home or business. All it takes is a backed-up sink or toilet, a pipe leak or burst, a leaky appliance, or an ice dam on the roof. No matter the cause, you need immediate water removal and structural drying to get your home or business back to normal.

Predator Restoration offers 24/7 emergency response for water damage restoration, call 281-936-0886 now.

  • Save Time Most structures can be completely dried out within three to four days.
  • Save Money Our technicians have experience of what the job will entail and can apply efficient practices immediately to ensure savings.
  • Minimize Replacement Costs The faster you act, the less likely you will have to replace expensive structural components.
  • Reduce Stress A problem quickly remedied is one that produces less stress.

Water Damage Mitigation & Restoration Reviews

Great company, they were a huge help in dealing with water problems and documentation. Ken and Jeremy are excellent at their jobs!

Linda Edwards

I am very pleased I chose his company as he provided excellent service.