Mold Abatement in Conroe, TX

Speak with one of our professional mold contractors in Conroe, TX today. We provide mold abatement throughout the Houston, Tx metro area.

Goldmorr Certified Technicians

You can breathe easier knowing that the Predator Restoration Goldmorr Technicians are hard at work changing the restoration process through innovative technology. Predator Restoration has all of the surrounding areas covered as the go to Master Technician in the area. Houston, Fort Bend, Harris County, Montgomery County, and Brazoria County.

Do you suspect mold has infected your home? Contact Predator Restoration at 281-343-3584 for immediate response.

What is the Goldmorr System?

Goldmorr is a multi-step process designed to eliminate microbial growth inside your home or commercial property. Available only through Certified Master Technicians, Goldmorr is a low impact non invasive complete mold remediation product.

The Goldmorr System of mold removal is the future of Mold Remediation. This unique system has had years of success. It’s guaranteed to remove all types of mold from your home or building safely, quickly and with less cost than traditional methods. In most cases, home and business owners do not have to relocate while the remediation process takes place.

  • Low Impact Minimal demolition required
  • Stain Free Walls We remove all staining from framing and drywall.
  • Non-Mechanical Air Scrubbing Fog Treatment The process is non-invasive and will not harm you or any of your furnishings.
  • Save Time & Money The Goldmorr System provides faster mold removal and allows us to provide extremely competitive prices. Our prices beat our competitors 9 times out of 10.
Mold Abatement in Conroe, TX

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