Houston and Surrounding Area Commercial High-Rise or Multi-Story Hotel/Condo Cleaning Services

Glossy finishes and miles of carpeting require regular upkeep and cleaning. Predator Restoration Commercial Cleaning of Houston specializes in maintaining pristine high-rise hotel and condo public areas. The property managers who choose us do so because it saves them money by outsourcing their janitorial needs and because they trust in our reputation for quality care, results, and reliability.

Why Choose Predator Restoration Commercial Corporate High-Rise or Multi-Story Hotel/Condo Cleaning?

Licensed, Bonded & Insured for Security
Working in such close proximity to people's private residences requires a great level of trust. Everybody on the cleaning crew at Predator Restoration Commercial Cleaning has passed a strenuous, detailed background check because we know that property managers and owners need to keep their tenants safe. While onsite at your property, our team members will be in uniform, easy to identify, and will behave courteously and respectfully towards the tenants and guests.

Low-Moisture Cleaning Methods for Multi-Tenant Spaces
Because high-traffic areas in hotels and condiminiums can't ever be closed for cleaning, we only use low-moisture cleaning methods and equipment for surfaces. Unlike our competitors, we not only focus on getting your space clean and immaculate, we also keep in mind that we'll be working with interruptions and foot traffic. The equipment and cleaning products we use in the public spaces of hotels and condos are fast-drying, which means less disruption to your tenants.

Natural Stone Surface Restoration in High-Rises
Nothing beats natural stone floors for a luxurious, high-gloss and durable material for multi-tenant properties like high-rises. Cared for properly, a natural stone floor will stand the test of time. Regular wear-and-tear can erode its finish, however, and, if the stone is gouged or becomes "pitted," a professional stone restoration company like Predator Restoration Commercial Cleaning can restore the surface to its former glory.

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Why Choose Predator Restoration Commercial Cleaning?

  • No Upcharge for After-Hours Appointments
  • Top-of-the-Line Technology, Techniques, Equipment
  • Urgent Need Calls or Regular Service Agreements Available
  • Low-Moisture Cleaning Methods Reduce Operational Downtime
  • Local Business, Privately Owned and Operated
  • Supervised Cleaning Crew, Decades of Cleaning Experience
  • Reliable, On-Time Service
  • Licensed, Bonded, Insured – Background Checks on All Employees